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Responsive design has become a highly successful trend in web design. It has been a sought after and rapidly implemented design element for many companies. The flood of smart phones and tablets combined with traditional laptops and desktops has created a need to have your website identify the type of device and work within the screen real estate available.

It’s not acceptable to just keep your old website and leave your visitors zooming in and out on their tablets and smart phones to see detail and content of your website. Responsive design takes in to account the available real estate on the various devices and re-purposes the content to enhance the user experience.

Another aspect of responsive design is the overall load time. Many older sites are not optimized for the mobile world. This leave visitors waiting for the site to download only to find it’s not user friendly. With most people only giving sites a few seconds to load, it’s crucial that you optimize for load time as well.

A responsive design that is well coded combined with appropriate image size can solve many of the load issues and ultimately create a better overall user experience.

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